Welcome to MMFR

“Welcome to MMFR! My name is Molly McMillan; I’m the founder and owner of Manhattan and Monadnock Myofascial Release, PLLC. I’m proud to present our new website!  I hope you enjoy it. If you’re new to our site, and you want to know if myofascial release can help you, check out Who Benefits from MFR under the About MFR tab, and the Individual Treatment Programs under the What We Do tab. Then, be sure to sign up for our client mailing list, and find out about any discount specials we’re offering, as well as when new blogs are posted, and events are being held.  If you have taken at least MFR I with John F. Barnes, P.T., MFR Seminars, be sure to sign up for our practitioner list. We’ll let you know when the next study group is happening as well as other classes. I’ve been honored to work with hundreds of clients from age 2 weeks to 90 years; who’ve had many different diagnoses, and issues. And, to teach MFR to hundreds of practitioners from around the country and Canada. I’m very excited about the growth we’ve experienced at MMFR this year, and the growing understanding people have of their fascia!  I’m excited about what’s in store for the coming year…stay tuned!!

mmr-090116-1021-001I like to sign off with a Lakota blessing that means “to all my/our relations”.  It calls us to honor each other, and all of our collective ancestors;  reminds us we are all one.

A’ho mitakuye oyasin,

Molly McMillan, OTR/L”