Treatment Immersions

Treatment Immersions with Molly McMillan, OTR/L and founder of Monadnock Myofascial Release

A Radical Act of Self-Love

Once a month, I set aside a week for clients who choose to dive deep and immerse themselves in multiple treatment sessions. This means a commitment of four hours of treatment a day for five days. Why would anyone do this? you may ask. Isn’t it better to have a break between sessions? you may ask. 

Benefits of Radical Change

The answer to the first question is unique to each person. Some live far away; they know the benefit of working with me specifically and book an immersion every three to twelve months. The results an immersion provides are long-lasting. Some people have conditions that are severe, chronic, or they have several conditions. An immersion is the best way to work through these complexities and layers of pain and dysfunction.

Others know the value of the treatment immersion experience. Often these are practitioners who need deep care for themselves

so they can take care of others. In my 15 years of experience offering immersions, the changes I’ve seen are astounding. It has been more than worth their time and money. I can honestly say that no one has regretted an immersion, and in fact, they rave about it.

The answer to the second question, Isn’t it better to have a break?, is no. It’s actually never been better to have a break between sessions. Receiving treatment at a high rate of frequency, especially at the beginning of your treatment program, will always result in meeting your goals more quickly and efficiently. Here are the benefits:

Releasing many layers of toxicity and restriction in a short amount of time

The hours of treatment every day, one right after the other, allow the layers of pain, tightness and heaviness to drop and drop and drop. This gives our bodies a sense of weightlessness, fluidity, and expansiveness, like when we stand at the top of a mountain or at the edge of the ocean. It allows us to feel into who we truly are.

Most people are not aware of the layers of restriction that have built up within their fascial system over the years of their lives. Everyone has layers of restriction. Yet, not everyone is aware of this. It usually takes pain and dysfunction to turn our attention toward our bodies’ health.

Releasing dysfunctional habits and bracing

With pain and dysfunction come holding, bracing and compensating. This is our body's way of helping us continue to operate in spite of it, and it’s a good thing, unless it continues beyond necessity, which it often does.

But with constant treatment and resetting healthy parameters, these habits have a chance to step back and to let go, bringing back our body’s natural inclination toward homeostasis. We experience our bodies more clearly and have the capacity to operate from a grounded and healthy way of being in the world.

Releasing outdated beliefs that get stored within our tissues

Our held tissue memory comes to the surface, bringing in profound awareness and insights. We can then choose a different operating system of beliefs that lift us up rather than hold us back. Our bodies hold onto the memory of every experience we’ve ever had. The good and the bad.

The bad ones often cause us to develop an unhealthy belief system rooted in fear: fear of it happening again or fear of movement, etc. Changing your belief system from within your mind is the first step. Changing it within your body will make it permanent.

Receiving an individualized and comprehensive self-care program that you will take with you

This will keep your progress going and give you the tools you need to work with your body every day. People who use their home program are much more likely to report continued success.

Radical Self-Love

The concept of radical self-love means accepting yourself for who you are and having compassion for yourself. This is what I do in the treatment immersion, I start with compassion, acceptance, and surrender to what is and has been. I honor you for where you’ve been and what you’ve done. I work with your body where it is and where you are with it.

Your body has a story to tell you and me, letting go of “hating” where you are and “forcing” it to be different has to stop in order to hear it.  Are you ready to book your immersion? Do you have further questions? Let me know by emailing [email protected].  In the meantime, here are a few personal immersion stories from people I’ve had the privilege of working with…

“Molly is an authentic professional of the highest caliber. It was an honor to receive treatment with her at MMFR. My immersion flowed with ease and met my personal needs. I now move with more grace. For me it has been so satisfying to experience such relief after decades of pain and trauma. I highly recommend the immersion with Molly.” Martha Mekeel, Occupational Therapist, NH,

“A local friend recommended I see Molly because I had sciatica, a hip issue and some breathing problems that were not getting resolved.  After an x-ray on my hip an orthopedic told me that I have arthritis.  I had done physical therapy, massage, and acupuncture for this issue.  After seeing Molly for an immersion I immediately learned that everything is connected in the body. The fascia system made sense to me.  Consistent appointments, a willingness to get rid of the pain, and self-work has made all the difference.  Molly is incredibly knowledgeable in myofasical release therapy and so much more.  Her gentle, kind spirit helped me trust her and in the process.  I now understand that the body holds pain from unresolved trauma and it is in the letting go and feeling that we begin to heal.  I am so thankful that I have been doing this work because it is authentic healing.  Not only have I found healing in my physical body but in the emotional and spiritual realm as well.  Molly is without a doubt the most talented and compassionate therapist that I have ever met.” Lisa Kelly owner of Zen Revolution, Manchester, VT

“An immersion with Molly was a very rewarding experience. It was a very valuable investment in myself, because it helped me to release ‘blocked memories’ that were stuck in my body. Releasing those memories has done a lot of good not only to my body, also to my mind. Making my stride lighter and much more sturdy. There are so many more details that could be shared. Although, my recommendation would be “You must experience the change within your own body” I for sure would repeat the experience myself.” Kathia Bibiana-Paelez, Life Coach Lima, Peru