MMFR for Healthcare Professionals

We are an Occupational Therapy practice specializing in the Myofascial Release (MFR) approach to help our clients achieve a pain free, whole life. We do this by focusing in on Fascia and Fascial Restrictions.

Focus on Fascia

When the Fascia is in its normal healthy state it is a relaxed and supple web - like the weave in a loose-knit sweater. When it is restricted, it is more rigid and less pliable and can create pulls, tensions, and pressure points. The Fascia’s health and flexibility is the key to our whole body’s wellbeing and our ability to perform the activities we need to or want to in our daily lives.

When Fascia becomes injured through trauma, a disease process or chronic stress, it tightens causing a Fascial Restriction. Over time, these tight areas or restrictions pull on the rest of the interconnected fabric of the Fascia. One trauma can cause our entire fascial network to tighten up or misalign causing symptoms such as pain, tingling, burning, restriction in motion and fatigue. This misalignment is what we correct and resolve.

Fascial Restrictions affect our flexibility andd stability and are a determining factor in our capacity to with stand stress and perform ours daily activities with ease. The whole quality of our life is affected.

Whole Body, Whole Function, Whole Life

Here is a short list of diagnoses we’ve
successfully treated using our unique
whole body approach:
• Hand, hip, shoulder, knee and jaw pain diagnoses 
• Spinal diagnoses - Spinal stenosis and degenerative disc
• Repetitive strain diagnoses - Tennis elbow, carpal tunnel
• Women’s health issues -Pelvic pain and urinary dysfunction
• Neurological conditions - CP and MS
• Sciatica
• Frozen shoulder
• Fibromyalgia
• Plantar fasciitis
There are many more conditions that we have successfully treated so be sure to contact us if your condition is not on this list.

Comprehensive, Integrative and Transformational Care

We perform a detailed evaluation and create an individualized and comprehensive treatment program for each of our clients. This may include therapeutic exercise, neuromuscular re-education, kinesiotaping and therapeutic activities as well as manual therapy. We provide a home exercise program that empowers our clients to help themselves both during their treatment program and upon its

We bill health insurance companies as Occupational Therapists. We currently bill in network for all major insurance plans.