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Low Back Pain

Over a number of years, I gradually restricted my activities because of lower back pain. Standing, sitting, lying down, walking, working…all were becoming problematic. Then, I had a treatment session with Molly McMillan. The results were dramatic. I didn’t realize how much or how constantly my back hurt until I finally had days and nights without pain! The home care program has allowed me to maintain and even further my progress.

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Frozen shoulder

I was in terrific pain with a frozen shoulder and had been manhandled by two “Madison Avenue” physical therapists recommended by my Doctor. Their philosophy was, “without pain, recovery is not possible”. Of course, they actually made matters worse. I was starting to give up hope and then I found Molly. She brought me along, making good progress with each session…and without pain! She restored me to a pain free existence and gave me back a full range of motion. She is an amazing therapist.

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Myofascial Release has been very helpful in releasing my symptoms of fibromyalgia. Since working with Molly McMillan my muscle aching and stiffness is much less and old tensions are being released. Molly is helping to realign my body so that I can move with greater ease and efficiency. My energy level and sense of well being have greatly improved.

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Hip pain and dysfunction

I met Molly McMillan at Healing Works in Manhattan and was struck by her confidence and focus as she talked about the kind of work she did. I arranged to receive some sessions from her for help with my hips, which I had been having problems with for a couple of years. I saw Molly for 4 sessions and was quite impressed with the gentleness and power with which she helped me. After the first session, I noticed I had more body awareness, I noticed my sense of smell was opened up and I enjoyed the smells in my home more. After four sessions, where she gently moved me around and pressed my body here and there and asked me gentle, probing questions, I noticed that my hips had definitely improved. They had less discomfort and more range of motion. The improvement was lasting. There are some people who are highly trained and very skilled; Molly is one of these practitioners, but she is that rare and valuable breed as well: a true healer.

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Frozen Shoulder

I would highly recommend Molly’s work to anyone. I went to Molly for a frozen shoulder and also a severe restriction in movement that a doctor had (incorrectly) told me was arthritis in my neck. I immediately noticed that her work was far less painful, and far more effective in terms of rapidly increasing my range of motion and resolving chronic pain, than the physical therapy I received before. Not only that, but I was delighted to notice that Molly was able to see and address the underlying imbalances in my physical structure. For example, a twist in my hips that was perpetuating the trouble in my shoulder: a twist in my lower back that was contributing to the problem in my neck; she released both of these. I rapidly saw her work was holistic and organic, so that as I continued treatment with her I felt more and more physically flexible, stable and energized; I felt an increase in my sense of well-being on every level, beyond just fixing the presenting problem. Also, I have a background of studying somatic psychology and am aware that our soma (body) and psyche (emotions, thinking) are inextricably linked. Rigidity in the body correlates to rigidity or unresolved patterns in the emotional/mental realm. I was aware that as Molly worked with me there was a release of emotional blocks that left me feeling stronger, freer, more deeply settled in myself and fully alive on an emotional level as well.

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Pelvic Floor Dysfunction

I was diagnosed with endometriosis when I was teenager, and it became quite aggressive as I entered my twenties. My mind and body had suffered through five surgeries in less than four years time, and I was devoid of hope that my situation would improve. I had exhausted all traditional medical treatments, and the pain was so severe after the last surgery that I didn’t know how I would go on. I felt that I had no options. Someone suggested myofascial release as an alternative; ignoring my skepticism, I decided to try it. Within weeks, my body began releasing the pain, fear and anger it had been storing for years. Not only have I not had surgery in almost two years, but now I feel overall wellness and strength, and most importantly, Molly has given me hope again.

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Shoulder pain

I was introduced to Molly through a mutual friend, I have had shoulder pain for the past three years and have seen a physical therapist, and a chiropractor over that time. Upon meeting Molly she sat down with me and went over my goals and expectations for the therapy, we set a time line for improvement and went to work. She did an assessment of my posture and was able to tell me that my left hip was about an inch higher than my right. I was amazed at the progress I made in only six weeks. I have gone from constant pain in my shoulder to almost none. I saw my Chiropractor last week and he was amazed at my progress, each visit he would put my hip back in place for me but this time he commented that it was only out about an eight of an inch. Molly is a caring individual and a most experienced practitioner and I would recommend her to anyone looking for a solution to alleviating daily pain in their lives.

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eternally grateful . . .

When I first learned Myofascial Release, John Barnes emphasized the importance of getting treated. Spurred on by my friend, we both decided to visit Molly for a Myofascial Release Session. I realized right away this was something different that was going to change my life and it did! I noticed that whenever I had a session, my life just flowed easier with a synchronous quality to it that I truly enjoyed. It was like this wave of knowing and creation that helped me create the successful life I have today. I vowed to myself that no matter what, I was going to make sure I made it to see Molly on a regular basis. I have kept that promise to myself for over 5 years now.

I used to have back pain so bad that I could not even bend over and put my pants on. I stayed away from most exercise, even something as simple as walking. Now I move freely through life, not just physically, but mentally and spiritually. With Molly’s guidance, I was able to melt through my restrictions in life and create a beautiful life full of freedom. Molly’s expert care combined with her infinite patience and compassion helped me to see through some of the darkest periods of my life.

I am eternally grateful for her steadfastness, solid boundaries, fearlessness and for creating a safe and completely judgment free zone for me to express my authentic self and become whole again. She continues to be my role model for what an exemplary, true Myofascial Release Therapist looks like. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

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MFR worked miracles.

The month after getting home I fell pregnant and was over the moon, and unfortunately we miscarried 9 weeks after, but MFR helped me to process my emotions as they came up and let it out of my body.  I can’t tell you how much it helped only to say that 6 weeks later we conceived again and I now have a healthy 4 week old boy in my arms and I am beyond thrilled.  Also, I apparently fell pregnant from the side the DR’s had said was a blocked tube.  So your MFR treatment worked miracles.

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