Power Retrieval Workshop – October 21 – 23, 2022


The cost of the workshop is $525. which includes all accommodations and meals Saturday and Sunday
Until 10/7/22 there is a $50 early registration discount

This workshop will give you the opportunity to retrieve your vital essence through Shamanic journeying, Sound Healing, Myofascial Movement, Art and Ceremony in a supportive and empowering women’s group environment.

This event has expired
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Throughout our lives we all have given our power away or had it taken from us. Loss of this power, also known as soul essence, chi or prana can cause illness,depression, and feeling disconnected from ourselves or others.
During this weekend workshop, Molly will expertly guide you in reclaiming this power, also known as chi, prana or soul essence using shamanic ceremony, fascial movement and journeying. She is masterful at holding space, and creating a safe and supportive community environment. Living with this power means being in the flow of life; it means experiencing your wholeness, vitality, and wellness. Join us, and re-discover the power that is your birthright!